Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Advice For Good Living, part 12

The online music community is a wonderful thing. Unprecedented access to music has caused a great surge in the music industry, particularly in variety and, most important of all, live music. Sometimes it seems like everyone involved in music on the web, be it listener, artist, podcaster, net label, whatever, is working in harmony toward a more open, friendly place. They are utterly convinced that good music needs to be enjoyed by all, and that we don’t have to be force-fed a handful of prominent, mediocre artists by the record label and radio station sectors.

Let me just say one thing that sometimes gets overshadowed by the global struggle itself: there is some absolutely phenomenal music out there that sadly only a select few know about.

Look around your community; wherever in the world you are, go and support a local band at a local venue.

I promise you, you'll have a great time.


Blogger Chris said...

Here here, man.
There's always talk of what is wrong with the world, how dissatisfied people are, how we need revolution. The way I see it, there is one revolution that the success of is not just feasible but likely, the digital revolution. The sheer demonstrated lack of concern shown by corporate media has created the breeding ground for all sorts of wonderful things; open source software, free music distribution, etc. Every day that said corporate media tells us what we want to hear, more people wake up and realize there are alternatives. Why did I decide to make a show? Because it occurred to me that it could be done after hearing this one. How did I find out about this show? Word of mouth. It perpetuates itself on and on. So keep up the good work, people. Keep making the choice to hear new things, keep passing the word about them, keep supporting underground music. To end on a bad cliche, we're all in this together.

My show:
(Be gentle, it's my first time...)

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Sweetheart said...

Hi Friends,

Thanks for posting our website on your blog.

It totally rocks when people support new rock and roll bands.

See you all very soon!


5:53 PM  

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