Monday, March 07, 2005

Help Needed...

Hey folks.

I need some help... This is an appeal for a place on the net to store the mp3 files from soundslikeradio for a short while.

My web host has cut off my account for some reason (they still haven't got back to me), and there'll be no more soundslikeradio until I find somewhere to host the files!!

So if anyone has some space on their server, that can handle a bit of traffic, let me know! It'll only be for a short time until i find a new webhost and get everything sorted...

Thanks, freshers.


Anonymous Adam Hupp said...

What kind of bandwidth are we talking about here? I have 30GB/mo transfer I'm not using right now. With bittorrent that might be enough. Contact me via email if you are interested (


3:06 PM  
Anonymous freshfan said...

Perhaps you should check out, which currently does BitTorrent hosting - for free.

2:27 AM  

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